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Landscaping for Multi-Family Homes in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

High-Quality Landscaping and Lawn Care Experts Since 1997

Professional Lawn Care has years of experience helping the owners of multi-family properties create attractive landscaping that promotes resident happiness and attracts new tenants. Since 1997, we have provided expert landscaping for multi-family homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. We work with our clients to install landscaping elements that make their properties look their best. Schedule a consultation with our friendly, experienced team to see how we can help you boost your curb appeal.


We Offer an Impressive Blend of Landscaping Services

Professional Lawn Care offers a wide range of landscaping services to multi-family property owners. Each one is critical to attracting tenants and clients. They include the following:

Consulting and Planning

We have a team of professionals capable of consulting with you throughout your project’s planning phase. We carefully consider every phase of the project, from landscape design to irrigation.

Landscape Design

We make the process of landscape design easier for your clients by handling everything involved. We can take your property’s limitations and turn them into beautiful strengths!

Landscape Installation

We have a grounds crew skilled at combining the consultation, planning, and design stages and turning them into a finished product. Everything from plants and shrubs to masonry is included in landscape installation.

Common Area Maintenance

Common area maintenance is critical to creating desirable properties, so that you can attract potential clients or tenants. Common area maintenance includes everything from fertilization to mowing services.


If you are having trouble keeping your grass green and flowers blooming, then an irrigation system might be what you need. We provide irrigation installation and repairs.

Tree Care

We work with certified arborists who understand the nuances of tree trimming and removal. The benefits of tree trimming include nourishing the tree to full health and preventing overgrowth!

Drainage and Erosion Control

Drainage systems are vital in the fight to control erosion and keep flooding under control. A carefully planned drainage system will keep floodwaters away from the foundation, so call now.


Xeriscaping is landscaping that emphasizes installations that do not require irrigation or rainfall to survive. It is growing popular among Texas residents for its drought-resistant qualities.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Lawn Care?

A professionally maintained landscape not only increases a property’s value and visual appeal, but it also has various environmental benefits as well. A healthy lawn helps prevent wind and water erosion, flooding, and unwanted noise and pollution on your property. It can also help you create a cooling effect during warmer weather, which is especially useful if you live in Texas. If you own or manage multi-family real estate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of professional lawn care and landscaping services when attracting new investors or tenants. Expert landscaping can improve your water, soil, and air quality, which is beneficial for you, your tenants, and the environment.

Why Choose Us to Maintain Your Multi-Family Real Estate?

Are you wondering what is a multi-family home, and why you should choose Professional Lawn Care to help you maintain its landscaping? A multi-family home is one building housing multiple families at a time in separate apartments or housing units. These housing units may be next to each other (such as a duplex) or stacked upon one another (such as a multi-level apartment building). Maintaining the landscaping for multi-family homes can be challenging. Rely on our experienced landscapers to help keep your multi-family real estate looking its best to attract new tenants and set you apart from your competition. Since 1997, our local DFW landscaping company has served the needs of many commercial property owners, ranging from offices, churches, schools, and retail stores to condos and apartments.

We Offer Multi-Family Building Owners Everything They Need

If you are the owner of any multi-family real estate in the DFW area, do yourself a favor and consider a top-to-bottom rethinking of your landscaping. We have a team that understands how to take the strengths of the property and amplify them. Contact us today to schedule a landscaping consultation!

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation