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Expert Landscaping Since 1997

Since 1997, Professional Lawn Care has delivered on our promise of excellent customer service and superior landscaping design and installation services. We are proud of our reputation, and we work hard to maintain it. At our company, we can work with homeowners’ associations on landscaping projects in the DFW area. Our expertise and experience help us provide a wide range of services, so contact us today.


Our Comprehensive Range of Services

We offer a vast array of services to our residential clients. Homeowners’ associations and residents themselves can count on us for the following:

Tree Care

We can trim and remove trees, and we offer certified arborist evaluations. We always act in the best interest of your property.

Landscape Design

We offer landscape design services to DFW customers. Our team understands how to maximize your home’s potential through the use of colors, textures, and other elements. Contact us today to get started.

Fertilization Weed Control

Weeds can be time-consuming to control – especially when they are allowed to take root. We can help by handling all your fertilization and weed control needs. With our help, you’ll have the weed-free property you’ve always dreamed of.

New Plants, Shrubs, Trees, and Color

You won’t believe the difference planting new shrubs and plants can make on your property. Infusing dashes of color and texture will make your property’s value skyrocket and increase your enjoyment of your property.

Irrigation Services & Repairs

A smartly-designed and implemented irrigation system is crucial to maintaining a lush and green lawn and keeping shrubs and flowers alive. We can install new systems and repair existing ones.

Drainage & Erosion Control

Professional Lawn Care provides drainage systems and erosion control. We use engineered drawings to solve the drainage issues the first time. Your landscaping depends on it.


Mulch is a crucial element of any well-maintained lawn. It acts as a barrier against weeds and also helps your soil retain moisture. We can visit your property regularly to replenish your mulch supply.

We Collaborate Directly With Our Clients on All Our Projects

In addition to helping residential homeowners make their properties beautiful and stay compliant with homeowners’ association rules, we work directly with commercial property owners on various projects. Our landscape design professionals are fully capable of completing your project.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation